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my life are way too ironic. such a weird thing happen to me all the time. an old friend, who i haven't spoken to her like.. ages asked me the other day if i want to come back and be friend of her again. i said okay, why not?
the meeting was totally weird and awkward.

another friend of mine was kind of rapped yesterday. she met a cute guy 2 weeks ago. she gave him her number. they spoke on the phone a few times.. than they met each other. he forced her to have sex with him. she was alone in his house. she kinda scared so she said okay. after an hour she said she's gotta go, so he told her that if she wants to live she has give him a blow job. this guy is completely an asshole!

the ironic part is that i met a really really cute guy who wants me. i am going to meet him the day after tomorrow. i know i should be careful. i told him i will meet him only in public. my stupid friend went straight to that guy's apartment. i will test the guy and see he's not a rapist or something. i hope i will be okay. wish me luck.
right now i am so: anxious
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01 December 2009 @ 08:05 pm
i have a new hair cut! it looks awesome. pictures soon, i hope. my camera is a bitch. it's like- undercut and above it's redish blonde, something weird. and it's really short. i've never had such a short hair before.

my friends are going to freak out.

right now i am so: crazy
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